What We’re About

We love Jesus Christ more than anything else.
We love the Gospel of Jesus which reveals the means of being reconciled with God.

We also love the Church,
since it is through the Church that the Gospel of Jesus is proclaimed,
and it is through the Church that all the healing aspects of the Gospel can be experienced.

Jesus gave His Church at least four clear commands on what its purpose was.
John 20:19-23Luke 24:45-49Matthew 28:18-20Acts 1:8.
At EBC we think that these commissions compel us to pursue four key concepts relating to our purpose as a Church:

1.  We are Sent: This means that we are a Missional Church.

That’s a way of saying that every believer is compelled to be a witness to Christ in their words and actions, in all spheres of their lives (Matt 5:13-16, Rom 10:14-151 Thess 2:8). This includes their home life, their work life and their social spaces.

2.  With the Gospel: This means we are a Gospel-Centred Church.

That means we place the ministry of the Gospel at the centre of all we do. We Declare it, Demonstrate it, and commit to a lifelong journey of assimilating all aspects of the Gospel into our daily lives (Phil 1:3-6, 27-28).

3.  To the Ends of the Earth through Edenvale: This means that our mission field extends from our local city of Edenvale to the global scope of the Nations. Due to the urban nature of Edenvale, loving our city necessarily means committing to a further three values:

Unity in Ethnic Diversity (Gal 3:28-29Eph 3:6, John 17:20-23)
Unity in Economic Diversity (James 2:1-13)
Unity across all Generations

4.  In the Power of the Holy SpiritThis means that we are a Spiritual Church, depending on the Sovereign equipping of God through the Holy Spirit.

We therefore place a primacy on prayer in absolutely everything we do.
We thus recognise the gifts of the Spirit, and submit as best we can to the direction and guidance of the Spirit.