The Why, What and How of membership at Edenvale Baptist Church.

The importance of official membership to a Church cannot be understated.
It's how the world knows who represents Jesus!

The New Testament is filled with metaphors describing the Church (like a ‘Bride’, ‘Body’, ‘Temple’ etc), all of them describing some aspect of this unique organism. Whats clear is this: if you’re a Christian, you belong in the organised fellowship known as the Church! The word ‘membership’ may not appear in scripture, but the principle of the people of God gathering under the rule of Christ is all over!

For this reason we have an ABC’s of EBC course that provides more information about our Church,
and what membership to EBC entails. The content of the course includes:

  1. About EBC: Who we are & What we do
  2. Beliefs of EBC: What we think
  3. Commitment to EBC: What membership to EBC means

Remember, you are welcome to attend this course for purely informational purposes; there is no requirement to commit to membership upon completion (although we would love it if you did).

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