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Work Matters

We started our ‘Cross Centered Life Sermon Series looking at an aspect of life that seems to dominate us: Work. As we’ve been processing the idea of Cross Centered Work, and Work as Worship, we’ve been amazed at how deeply God is working in this area of people’s lives.

But Sermon time is short, and Sermon Series are limited (This Sunday we move on to a fundamental aspect of everyday life, and that’s family). We can’t really do justice to the enormous topic of ‘work’ in just a couple of sermons, and so we’d like to suggest you continue exploring the idea of Cross Centered Work, as there are some amazing resources available.

Try these three books for starters:












































‘Work Matters’ have a fantastic blog to go with the book, which includes stories of others seeking to find Work as Worship. If you’re looking for additional web-based resources, you needn’t go further that Rightnow ministries, which have incredible resources available to you (the video we showed last Sunday was courtesy of Rightnow).

Keep serving the Lord Christ through your work. It Matters.