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Unintentional Parenting

We’ve just finished our Cross-Centered Life Series, but as with all Sermon Series’ there’s just not enough time to talk about everything! We spoke about family in general, but didn’t get to address parenting in particular. Once again then, we welcome Melanie Blignaut to the blog as she discusses the Gospel & Parenting.

One of my goals this year is to be more intentional in my parenting, specifically relating to how I share the gospel with my children. The result has been lots of fun with age-appropriate devotional activities and memory verses that aren’t always word-perfect but are oh-so-precious from little girl lips.

But . . .

I’ve recently been thinking about unintentional parenting. What am I teaching my children about Jesus when I’m not actively trying to teach them anything? Am I modelling the gospel enough so that there’s no difference between the times when we’re learning about God and the times when I’m just being me?

The answer: not always. Oh, how I choke on those words! I am not always the mother I would like to be. I am not always the wife I would like to be. I am not always overflowing with the fruit of the Spirit when I am with my girls. I speak without thinking. I raise my voice when I should keep my mouth shut. I mutter and seethe and glare when I should hug and kiss and soothe.

I am not perfect. Just when I think I’ve got it together, I lose it completely. Funny how it always goes like that.

But maybe that’s okay. My girls aren’t seeing a mother who always says and does the right thing, but they are seeing a mother who sometimes has to pray out loud so she doesn’t lose her temper. They see a mother who shouts, but then asks forgiveness. They see a mother who doesn’t know all the answers and they are learning it’s okay to say, “I don’t know.” They are learning that there’s no such thing as the perfect mother, wife, woman – and that’s a good thing.

If I was that perfect person, then I wouldn’t need Jesus. They are not perfect; they need Jesus.

Thank you, Lord, that even my imperfection and brokenness can point my daughters to you!


You can follow Mel’s writing at her blog ‘Wind in a Letterbox