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This Noble Road

One of our most disconcerting disappointments is when we feel disappointed in the Christian life. It’s perhaps not something we’d ever admit, though most of us have experienced it. Is it OK to feel like this? Is it OK to begrudge this journey we’re on? According to the great Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, it’s not:

‘How have I got into this life – this life that I am grumbling and complaining about, and finding hard and difficult? Let me press this question. How did you get into this Christian life? Here we are in the narrow way, how we did we come from the broad way? What has made the difference? These are the questions, and there is only one answer.

We have come from that to this, because the only begotten son of God left heaven and came down to earth for our salvation, He divested himself of all the insignia of His eternal glory and humbled himself to be born as a babe and to be placed in a manger. He endured the life of this world for 33 years: He was spat upon and reviled. He had thorns thrust into His head and was nailed to a cross, to bear the punishment of my sin.

That is how I have come from that to this, and if I ever, ever for a fraction of a second, question the greatness and the the glory and the wonder and the nobility of this walk in which I am engaged, well then I am spitting upon Him.

My friend if you think of your Christian life in any shape or form with this sense of grudge, or as a wearisome task or duty, I tell you to go back to the beginning of your life, retrace your steps to the wicked gate through which you passed. Look at this world in its evil and sin, look at the hell to which it was leading you, and then look forward and realize that you are set in the midst of the most glorious campaign into which a man could ever enter, and that you are on the noblest road that the world has ever known’ *

To be sure, the Christian journey progresses through various stages, some seemingly less spectacular than others. However just to be on this road is a treasure beyond comparison. No matter where this path leads, through whatever season or or circumstance, I know where it ends, and I’m glad to be on it.

* Martyn Lloyd-Jones – Spiritual Depression, pp. 199-200