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Winds of Change: Why it’s Good News!

The well-known joke says that the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper.

I’m not so sure about that.

If I offered to give you R1 million I’m sure that’s a change you’d welcome in an instant! Or how about that dream job you’ve been waiting for? Or your dream spouse at the altar?

Not all change is bad. Some of it, is extremely good.

Spiritually, it gets even better. The Gospel, for instance, promises not just change, but transformation.  And not just for us as individuals, but for all creation. That’s a whole lot of good change. So good, in fact, that the message is summarised as Good News.

Why do we struggle with change then? What makes some change difficult?

  1. Some Change leads to a bad outcome
  2. Change is not always understood

In the first instance, the change leads to something negative, like the opposites of what I described above: Loss of Job, loss of spouse and other casualties of life. In the second instance, change might be taking place but it is uncertain whether the outcome will be posiitve or negative!

Let us assure you, members of our beloved Church, that the change we’re talking about, is Good News! When we celebrate on Feb 22, trust us, it will be a celebration!

We’re pretty sure about that for many reasons, some practical and some spiritual, but the primary reason is this: Because we are convinced that what we are about to present is thoroughly Biblical. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I believe if we had the glorious opportunity to present this to Jesus Himself in person He would say: Good Plan (To be sure, He’d have many other things to say as well – He might even ask what took us so long – but I think there would be a reassuring nod in there somewhere).

Here’s why we think it’s Biblical.

The basis for the analysis of our Church, and consequently, our Winds of Change, is simply answering two (related) questions:

  1. What is the Mission of the Church?
  2. How does this affect EBC?

Those are simple, but not easy questions. Simple because we believe we have some pretty clear statements from Jesus about the Mission of the Church. Not easy, however, because as humans we’re not that good at simply doing what He says!

These are the two questions we’ll be asking in our November series, and we’ll be trying to answer it by looking at 4 of the Commissions of Jesus:

  • Matt 28:18-20
  • Luke 24:45-47
  • John 20:19-21
  • Acts 1:8

I think the result will be a pretty accurate picture of the Mission of the Church. And it’s a beautiful Picture.

We’ll then take that picture, overlay it with our Church, and distill some values that will help us be more like it. Simple. But not easy.

Part 2 of the Winds of Change Series (Jan-Feb 2014) then takes those core values and radically integrates them into an Identity and Strategy as a Church, in an attempt to make sure we actually do what we think we should be doing! Too long has the Church had grand plans and Visions, and fallen short at executing them. By the time Feb 22 comes around, we’ll have a realistic, practical and majestic model to work with.

To conclude, our beloved EBC member, this change is one of the Good ones. It may not be clear now, but as we journey through November we just know the resounding sentiment will be excitement.

Because it’s a beautiful picture. It’s God’s picture.