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The Daily Devotion

Lets face it, setting aside time dedicated to our relationship with God every day is difficult. We roll out of bed and launch into our busy days, only to crawl back into bed exhausted at the end of it. We go to Church on Sundays, and perhaps attend a Homecell during the week, hoping that it will be enough to fill our spiritual tanks until the next week.

In many ways it may be enough, but who wants just enough? When it comes to God, you can have as much of Him as you want (AW Tozer), and the best way to experience the fulness of a relationship with Him is the same way you would pursue it with anyone else: by spending time with Him.

That’s what the Daily Devotion is about. It’s simply time set aside every day to strengthen our most important relationship. Sometimes it may seem like a duty, but if you think about it, you have nothing to lose by spending increasing amounts of time with God. You do however, have everything to gain.

There is no formula for spending time with God, since it is primarily about a relationship, not a rule. One of the best parts about a Daily Devotion is it’s the one place where we don’t have to perform! Simply showing up and authentically spending time with God is all it takes.

Having said that, the basic means God uses to relate closely with us is through Prayer and Reading the Bible. The Holy Spirit himself is actively involved in both of these activities, using them to draw us closer to the Father & Son. However you choose to spend these times, Reading the Bible and Praying will be a part of it!

Some people find it helpful to have some sort of guide when it comes to their Daily Devotion, much like one would have a plan as to how they could best spend time with their Spouse. Following is an example of how you could spend your Daily Devotion time. Please note it’s not a prescription, but is just one way to combine Prayer and Reading of the Bible in a helpful way. Don’t pay too much attention to the time indicators, they’re merely there to show you how you could have a meaningful time of devotion in just 30 minutes.

Feel free to modify and arrange as you wish, perhaps talking with someone else about how best to improve your devotional time. Finally, when all is said and done, simply enjoy God!

A Basic Daily Devotion:

        1. Be Aware of God (5min)

  • Use this time to slow down, relax, and simply focus on being aware of God.
    • It may be helpful to remember verses such as Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”.
  • Try to clear your mind from the many distractions you may have.
    • Sometimes our minds are like beehives, with thoughts flying around distracting us from simply enjoying the presence of God.
    • You may want to have a piece of paper nearby to write down anything you’re worried about, or things you need to do. Once they’re on that paper you can let it go for a while, knowing you’ll remember to attend to it once you’re done!
  • You may wish to play a worship CD, or sing aloud, or anything that helps you to simply Worship God.


       2. Process your Day with God (10min)

  • Take some time to run through the events of the day (if you do your Daily Devotion in the evening) or of the previous day (if you do your Daily Devotion in the morning).
  • Try and remember everything that happened, from the time you woke up till you went to bed.
  • Remembering all these events do the following:
    • Thank God for the blessings that came your way that day
    • Ask for forgiveness for the mistakes you made
    • Pray for His intervention over some of the difficult issues, or unresolved issues.


       3. Listen to God through His Word (10min)

  • Choose a portion of Scripture and read it slowly, reflecting on:
    • The meaning, or significance of the passage.
    • What that passage means for you, in your life.
  • Choosing a portion of Scripture to read can be difficult, so here are some suggestions:
    • Read through a Book in the Bible, taking a few verses (say 5 or so) each day.
      • Any New Testament book would be good for this, but you may want to start with one of the Gospels (eg Mark) or shorter epistles (eg Philippians).
      • You could also pick one of the Psalms, or add that to your New Testament reading.
    • Use a Bible Reading plan
      • These plans have been used for centuries, and they help you to read through the whole Bible in a year.
      • They normally involve reading four sections of the Bible a day, which can be overwhelming for those starting out.
    • Use a Daily Devotion Book
      • These books have a reading for each day, as well as some comments by an Author.
      • If you’re going to use this method, be sure to take the time to go to the passage of Scripture in the Bible, and read a little bit more than your book prescribed, to allow God to lead you as you read.
      • Once you’ve slowly read the Scripture prescribed, then read the comments by the Author.
  • Some find it helpful to journal or write down whatever stands out to you about the passage you read.
    This has the increased benefit of helping you to remember the Scripture!


       4. Talk to God in Prayer (5min)

  • In this final time of prayer, you may wish to start by praying over what you have just read, and anything you think God may be saying to you through the passage.
  • Then go ahead and pray for yourself, for any further concerns you may have.
  • Lastly, spend some time praying for others: Family, Friends, Church Members, Colleagues etc.

We hope and pray that you may come to know God with a deep-felt knowledge as you meet with Him in Word and Prayer!

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