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The Body of Christ

A man broke his left arm. One night when he couldn’t sleep, he imagined a dialogue between his right and left hand.

The right hand said, “Left hand, you are not missed. Everybody’s glad that it was you that was broken and not me. You are not very important.” The left hand said, “How are you superior?”

Said the right hand, “Why, my owner cannot write a letter without me.” The left answered, “But who holds the paper?”
Said the right, “Who wields the hammer?” Said the left, “Who holds the nail that the hammer hits?”
Asked the right, “Who guides the plane when the carpenter smooths a board?” Retorted the left, “Who steadies the board?”
Said the right, “When our owner walks down the street and lifts his hat to greet someone, which of us does it?” Replied the left, “Who holds his briefcase while he does it?”

Then the left continued, “Let me ask you a question. When our owner shaved yesterday he used you, but his face is cut because I wasn’t there to help. Also our owner’s watch has stopped. Know why? You may do the winding, but if I’m not there to hold it, the watch won’t get wound. You cannot take money out of the wallet because I’m not there to hold it. The master can do very few things without me.”

Similarly, our divine Master needs all the members of His body to exercise all their gifts so that His body may function smoothly and effectively



(Anonymous, adapted from ‘19 Gifts of the Spirit’ by Leslie R. Flynn)