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Our Easter Journey

We love Easter! We love indulging in conversations about the love of God demonstrated in Christ. We love being reminded about the Gospel. We love experiencing the truth that the Crucifixion not only changed history, but still changes our stories today.

Thats why we make such a big deal about Easter, and why we run so many events in this time. We know that it’s precious family time, and a welcome break from a brutal first-quarter at work, and a good chance to get some bonus leave! But it’s also a chance to re-experience the power of the Gospel.

So don’t let Easter pass you by this year! There’s so much for you to participate in, and it’s OK to not do it all, but do prayerfully consider with your family how best to experience Easter this year.

If you happen to be going away and are wondering what you can do, we have one more tool to help you! Actually, it’s not our own tool, it’s a tool the greater Church loaned us! Attached is an Easter-week devotional provided free by desiringGod.org. It starts on Palm Sunday (13 April) and runs through to Easter Sunday. Whether you use it personally or with your family, it’s just one more way to experience the glory of Easter.