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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a time of mixed emotions. Certainly the season is dominated by Joy, as it should be! We celebrate the fact that God intervened in human history to set things straight! But whilst we celebrate the incarnation, we realise that God’s work of redemption in all of creation is not yet complete. It will be, one day, when Christ comes again.

We thus rejoice at our rescue, but at the same time long for His second coming. Christmas is therefore a season of both rejoicing and longing.

We all experience these two aspects of Christmas to varying degrees; some experience the pain of longing, perhaps due to loved ones lost in the year. Some rejoice at a year filled with newness of life, perhaps a child born or a wedding celebrated. We experience varying degrees of rejoicing & longing, but all of us experience hope!

Thats the greatest message of Christmas: Hope. We know that Christ will come again and finally deal with all the results of sin in the world. We know this because He’s come once before, and in that instance redeemed us personally from our own sin. But he’s not leaving His creation this way, He’ll come again for His bride, and then we will rejoice for all eternity!

The Pastors & Elders at EBC wish everyone a Blessed Christmas! May you experience His Joy this Festive Season, and through 2015!