Edenvale Baptist Church


Homecells are at the heart of our Church, as it is within these small groups that sustained life-transformation takes place. It is here that men and women can build lasting personal relationships, praying, teaching and caring for one another. Homecells are the best place to truly experience life in the family of God!

These groups consist of six to twelve people meeting weekly in members’ homes, under the guidance of a Homecell leader. A Homecell member commits to participate in all the groups’ activities, including Bible Study, Prayer and any Outreach activities in which the group decides to participate.

Edenvale Baptist offers a wide range of small groups led by gifted and trained leaders. While most of our Homecells are mixed, we understand that people have a need for a small community that relates to their life experience, and thus have groups for people at all stages of life:

    • Mothers
    • Young Families
    • Young Adults
  • Seniors

For a complete list of EBC Homcells click here. To arrange a visit, or to help find a suitable group for you
, please contact the office.

Office: 011 609 5225

Email: office@ebcsa.org.za