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Walking Worthy

My mother used to buy her fresh fruit and vegetables from a tiny grocer near the farm we where grew up. It was dark and musty, with fresh produce spilling out of wooden crates. In the middle of the store was the checkout counter, complete with a vintage till and scale.

I was fascinated by the scale, which still used a balance beam with shiny brass counterweights. I would watch as the grocer carefully added them until the bunch of carrots floated and hung suspended in space. I would race him to add up the collective weight of the dollops of brass. Mostly he would let me win.

It’s exactly this picture of a vintage scale that is used in Ephesians to describe the new life we have as Christians:

I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called…” (Eph 4:1)

The word used for ‘Worthy’ is literally the same picture of the scale with shiny brass weights!

The idea behind this picture is that God has deposited a brand new identity onto one side of the scale for us, and now the calling of our lives is to increasingly balance that out in reality.

This is the great pursuit of the Christian life, as there are so many facets to our new identities and so many areas of our lives that have yet to be added to the scale. We encountered much of this throughout our Ephesians series, but this verse offers a neat summary as it continues:

  • We have a new character (v2)
  • We have a new sense of unity in relationship with each other (v3-v6)
  • We have a new purpose (v7)

May your life steadily, increasingly, balance out the scale of these extraordinary deposits. May you see the scale raising slowly but surely until it floats, suspended in grace. May God’s hand continue to lift your side up as you walk in a manner worthy of His calling.