Edenvale Baptist Church


We realise that our mandate to disciple all Nations begins in Edenvale. As it turns out, we have many Nations right here on our doorstep, thanks to our urban environment. Thus as we reach Edenvale we know it will send ripple effects that may end up at the Ends of the Earth!

We also believe that God has placed us here, for this time, and we heartily embrace our mandate to be a Gospel presence in our city. At EBC we divide this Gospel work into two parts:

  1. Gospel Declaration
  2. Gospel Demonstration

We recognise that the primary need of mankind is to be reconciled to God, and that this happens through the declaration of the Gospel. However, we also recognise that our actions will go a long way in demonstrating this Gospel that we speak of, and perhaps opening doors for Gospel Declaration. We thus have Gospel Demonstration Ministries that assist our declaration efforts.

Our current Gospel Declaration ministries include:

  • Equipping for Missional Living Courses: Currently we run three different courses throughout the year, each aimed at equipping believers to be a Gospel Witness in their Homes, Workplaces and Social Spaces.
  • Equipping for Evangelism: One of our Pastors is a passionate and gifted evangelist, who helps equip teams of people for various evangelistic opportunities in our city.
  • Difference Maker Days (D-Day): On three Saturdays in the year the Church assembles as a team to perform various Gospel witness activities in Edenvale.
  • African Languages Service: On the first Sunday of every month we have an additional Church service in vernacular language, for those whose first language is not english. This starts at 13:00 in the main Sanctuary.
  • Prison Ministry: A team of people provide an outreach into the prisons in Johannesburg

Our current Gospel Demonstration ministries include:

  • Ruth Ministry This ministry assists women in a pregnancy crisis, providing counseling and various other resources to assist them.
  • Khanyisa feeding scheme: We participate in a network of Churches that provides food for approx 150 people every day in Edenvale.
  • Hidden Treasure: This ministry provides financial support for various other Gospel Demonstration ministries (e.g. our Lazarus ministry). The funds are generated through the running of several second-hand stores around JHB, including Edenvale.
  • Hidden Place: This ministry focuses on ministering to the children in Alexandra township, through camps and local outreach.
  • Aurora Christian School: This school was started by members of our Church, who provide Primary School education for approximately 100 children in the Bapsfontein Area.
  • Lazarus: Once a month EBC hosts the homeless in our community, and provides biblical counsel and food packs.


For more information on how you can be involved, please contact our office!

(011) 609 5225